Ending Your Relationship With The Scale

scaleWeight is just a number. What matters most is how your body feels.

That being said, I want to talk about scale warriors, what they are and how there are other/better ways to track weight loss results.

What is a scale warrior?

Someone who solely relies on the scale as a dictation of their progress.

Tracking progress on your scale isn’t a bad thing, but to obsess over that number can be. Many factors contribute to viewing your weight loss progress. I want to express that the scale should NOT be completely relied on. Here are some more ways to track your results:

  • Weigh yourself and keep track daily. Two weeks later- calculate the numbers together and average them out. Doing so will give an accurate weight and how you’ve progressed within that time-span.

  • The numbers on the scale may not go down so it’s important to take body measurements, (waist, arms and legs) along with your two week check-in’s on your progress.

  • Progress photos are a substantial way to track your progress. One front shot and one of your side every 2-4 weeks. Visualizing your progress in photos will help understand that being healthy is more than a number on a scale.

  • You can also use how your clothes fit to track if you’re doing well in your weight loss journey. If a shirt is more loose fitted than normal, the belt buckle goes in one more notch than before or you could even be going down a pants size or two.

Weight loss isn’t a linear process. You won’t always step on the scale and see the numbers go down. Your body is constantly changing. From fluctuating water weight, to gaining/losing body fat or even trying to recover from a workout.

Don’t beat yourself up over the number. Use all of these tricks to track your progress. Weight loss isn’t quick or easy and requires patience. It takes time to be your best self. The number on the scale will never be the only thing that defines you or your progress. Keep a positive attitude and work hard towards your health daily and the results will follow.





Turn that FAT into ENERGY!


No “magic pill” here ladies and gentlemen! Better yet a “magic” liquid! Feast your eyes on L-Carnitine.

What is L-Carnitine, you ask?
L-Carnitine or carnitine is an amino acid(building block of protein) which can be found in red meat, in your body, and obviously in supplements.

What is its job?
Carnitines job is to help your body produce energy. This is the best part! It helps your body produce energy by delivering fatty acids from stored body fat to the mitochondria of muscle cells to be used for energy. In other words you have an increased fat metabolism…we all want that!

Tell me more!
This amino acid also crosses the blood brain barrier, giving you a powerful antioxidant that increases mental alertness, and concentration.

That means you burn fat and think more clearly! That’s a 2 for 1 special right there!

When and how?
You should take carnitine 15-30 minutes before physical activity. Once it’s in the blood stream you’ll begin to notice the mental effects.
You’ll want to take about 1.5-2 grams per serving. There’s studies that show you should start noticing a drop in body fat in about 2 weeks if a healthy diet and exercise regimen are put in place.

So there you go people something new to think about!

Questions, comments, things you would like to know or see…let me know!

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.