Christian & The Diet Doc

Christian started personal training at 18 years of age. He always wanted to help people and had an interest in health and fitness, so he decided to put his two passions together. Being able to help people lead better, more positive lives has always been rewarding to him and ultimately was something he enjoyed doing. He views health and fitness as a way of changing someone both mentally and physically, in a positive way.

After obtaining his certification in personal training, he began focusing on nutrition. While he enjoyed the exercise aspect of health, it was the nutrition he found most interesting. He began spending a lot of time learning how nutrition effects people and the many variables that go into food and how it reacts within the body. With his new understandings of the crucial role nutrition plays in helping people lead healthier lifestyles, he decided to pursue a nutrition certification. His goal: provide guidance on eating better and becoming overall healthier individuals.

Christian wanted to stay connected with health in some way when he wasn’t personal training, so he began working in nutrition stores. He began power lifting in 2013 as a way of challenging himself with something he had never done before. In 2015, he competed in his first physique show. He continues that journey while helping others achieve better lives through health and fitness.

Christian decided to join Diet Doc team and become a licensed owner because he wanted to change the way people viewed dieting. He wanted to be able to help people look beyond dieting as something that is short term and rather something that can and should be sustainable for the rest of their lives. His program doesn’t just focus on handing someone a cookie cutter plan. It teaches people how to eat better, how to understand the content of the foods they are eating, and how to overcome the mental hurdles with changing old habits into new long-term positive ones that will not only lead them to their goals but to maintain a lifestyle change for good.